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small feats art show — Revisting a few childhood chums

This year, in support of the Niagara Artists Centre Small Feats art show, I am calling on a few old friends.

In the painting iToons, I revisit cartoon icons from childhood that never really lost their appeal.

iToons is a 12 in. x 12 in. original Bev Hogue painting.

Another early influence — nature’s innocent and strong figure of a deer — continues to intrigue.

The painting Statuesque celebrates my fascination with the forest creature as an art object.

Statuesque is a 12 in. x 12 in. original Bev Hogue painting.

Both iToons and Statuesque will be available during the NAC online auction over the Dec. 11-13, 2020 period.

You can follow the Small Feats 2020 link here when the show and sale begins Dec. 11.

B&W movies were true blue

The way-back machine has been been working overtime in my studio.

Buzzkill, Deadpan Delivery and Crime of Fashion emerged from a twisted trip through 1940s movie posters.

Sea No Evil and its 3-D sister, Gillzilla vs. InstaGamera, surfaced after a voyage through B movie horror flics from the 1950s.

In the 1960s, late night TV was jammed with so much low brow content that these classics blended together as one black and white experience.

I never put much thought into it, but the B&W movies I watched might have influenced a style that emerged as blue tones in graphic contrast.

Even Mad Magazine was largely monotone. And among the regular features, none had greater impact on a young artist than two stark, silent spies.