See your own blue story

Biker Chic — commission

During many conversations at art exhibitions, stories naturally arise from people as they encounter my blue paintings.

I love to listen to these personal interpretations. It’s a form of collaboration that extends beyond the creation and into the realm of a painting’s new life outside the studio, outside of my own expression.

And during this exchange, I continue to discover the fascinating variety of ways that people relate to the work.

In a section of called “in good hands” I keep a visible record of the many paintings that have moved in to the homes and spaces of private collectors. Touring through the images recalls for me each of these conversations.

Desert Duty, a commissioned painting by Bev Hogue

As part of the dialogue, I am often invited in to an immersive experience with the art. In these instances, an individual seeks to interact with the art on another level and I am called on to interpret an aspect of their life or experience and convey it in my style on the canvas.

With these commissions, the process is a collaboration and an interpretation based on these conversations and stories.

Included in this post are some of these commissions. Follow the “commissions” link to see more.

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Dressy Blues — commission
G-Force of Nature
G-Force of Nature — commission