Fur Ball fundraiser for Kitten Rescue in L.A. 

A purr-fect fit. That was the reaction to the invite from the Kitten Rescue Fur Ball to present one of my creations as part of their 25th anniversary in L.A.

In “Mirror, Mirror, Who is the Feral of Them All”, I remarked a giclée from my Blue in the Face series that explores a pet project: scripting scenes from a cast of imaginary film stars.

“Mirror, Mirror” mixes one part Julie Newmar, the camp sensation from the original 1960s TV series, with two parts Sean Young acting out for full costumed effect in her lament over losing the Catwoman lead in the Tim Burton flick. 

I was late to channel my inner cat people, having been a long-time dog person. Onion and Cuba changed all that and unlocked my appreciation and wonder for fickle felines and their uncanny ability to mask boredom with disinterest. 

It’s all for a good cause.  Please help support by bidding on the many pieces that you can see here online. The Kitten Rescue’s 25th Anniversary Fur Ball is at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles until Oct. 8