The flower children of the 1950s

Night Shade is an orignal Bev Hogue blue art creation

After Dark and Night Shade are the latest Bev Hogue original blue art creations. These paintings, and their digitally rendered NFT companions, illuminate the Populuxe period of the late 1950s, when head vases and other figurines found their way into post-war living rooms. These curiosities were symbols of an affordable sophistication in the aftermath of… Continue reading The flower children of the 1950s

Be true. Be blue

A heartfelt thank you for the kind words and ongoing support as we marked the 20th anniversary of Beluxe blue art this past weekend at Winter Thaw.  Out of the turmoil of 2001, when my blue paintings first took form, through today’s pandemonium, and the peaks and side paths in between — the core theme… Continue reading Be true. Be blue