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Rain Hannah shout-out to Pretty Fierce and Beluxe

Posted by admin on June 12, 2018 in Bev's posts, New Products | No Comments

Rain Hannah models some fab Pretty Fierce yoga gear with Bev Hogue-Beluxe art. The pants are based on the original Night Moves painting by Bev Hogue. Thanks for the shout-out from Rain. Maybe we will see you fashioned up with them on the Vince Neil tour. Available in a style that suits you at […]

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Beluxe partners with Pretty Fierce on yoga pants launch

Posted by admin on September 28, 2017 in Bev's posts, New Products | No Comments

Beluxe is proud to announce the launch of a line of yoga pant designs with partner Pretty Fierce. The fashion forward leggings align Bevs Hogue’s “Blue or Nothing” art images with action and fashion gear. “Pretty Fierce is an exciting company to partner with on this important expansion of the Beluxe brand,” Bev says. “They […]

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A world of blue and you

Posted by admin on July 13, 2016 in New Products | No Comments

One of the great things about Beluxe is making connections with a lot of people in a lot of places. Through exhibits, galleries and trade shows across North America, Europe and Asia, we have met thousands of art lovers and supporters. You enrich our lives and the love is returned. Bev pours back the support by daring […]

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The blue room

Posted by admin on August 5, 2015 in Bev's posts, New Products |

A few interesting visitors stopped in at our AirBnB room here at Beluxe HQ. Ian, an actor from NYC was on a Brooklyn-to-Muskoka drive and checked in with his friend Kim. In the morning over coffee, he was asking about my “Blue or Nothing” paintings and remarked that we had a close connection with the […]

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Time for a Bev Hogue watch

Posted by admin on May 29, 2015 in New Products |

I’ve always considered wrist watches an interesting fashion accessory. And as an added bonus — they keep time!! So, it is an exciting moment for me to see the near arrival of Beluxe/Bev Hogue watches from California’s Modify Watches. Four of my favourite images — The Great Escape, Agent 99, Cat Burglar and Boot Camp […]

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