Boot Camp marches to a dance beat

Got an interesting call the other day from Clive and Melleny who  saw Bev’s work on Salt Spring Island and wanted to drop by the gallery for a closer look.

Is there an airport nearby? Um, I think so, Bev offered.  After a quick bit of deep research, we discovered two airports in Niagara would do the trick if a small plane were looking for a place to land.  I could provide the to-and-fro limo service if needed. As it turned out, it was a road trip that brought them to Fonthill.

What a fascinating  couple. Clive co-founded animation powerhouse Nelvana and Melleny is the darling of the dance music scene.  We talked the afternoon away about art, music, film and the lost art of making tea (Hint: hot the pot) and heard stories about Clive’s British school chum Pete Townshend and Melleny’s EDM collaborations with deadmau5.

After short-listing several paintings and settling on “Boot Camp”, we finished our tea, and guided our guests down scenic Canboro Road,  lined by big trees and dotted with fruit stands.

It’s always nice to meet new people, and to see them relax and take in the surroundings. Niagara in the spring is Steinbeck, with long rows of neatly planted fruit and vegetables, Salinas-like in the afternoon sun.

It’s as easy a place as any to sit on the porch and share stories.


boot camp
Boot Camp